Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

The kids are playing, Bruce is puttering, Marsel is mostly resting and I am savoring the family time.
Bruce came home with the groceries and a bonus for the kids......a wind-up airplane!

Nyki is having fun visiting with the fish.

I made myself bring the previously dissatisfying Pi shawl but I figured out where I got stuck and am making progress again. It takes an hour to go around a row and a row only adds 1/8" to the shawl but it is working and I have added an inch since arriving. (The shawl even survived a mishap with a pair of scissors............don't ask. This shawl has quite a history even before it has been worn !)


  1. LOVE the picture with the flag! A shawl with a history before it is even done-hahahaha. Good for you for sticking with it though, I tend to give up on things like that.

  2. I love the pi shawl. Is it lace weight? It's good to know you're there and Marsel is actually resting.

  3. The Pi shawl looks really nifty. It's hard when you get to that one-hour-per-row stage; I count it as success if I can do a row per day. The days roll by (as days are wont to do), and eventually the project gets done.

  4. The shawl is beautiful. Do you have much further to go? Looks like you are having a good break.

  5. You will have so many recollections of grace when you wear that shawl!


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