Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Different Kind of Weaving

In the recent SpinOff magazine there is an article about weaving dried plant materials. It so inspired me , I showed it to my daughter. Well, it just so happened that Marsel had saved and dried some lavender from her garden a few weeks ago , so we went to work! Using the stalks, we removed the flower heads (which will go into a sachet later) we then proceeded to warp up my rigid heddle loom. We all took turns enjoying the easy rhythm of weaving. (Except for Abigail, who was napping.)
It will make a wonderful trivet and give off its scent each time a hot dish is placed upon it! A very satisfying conclusion!


  1. It was fun, wasn't it?! Definitely not the last one we'll make!

  2. That's astounding. I had no idea it was possible. So pretty.

  3. What a great idea! Well done to you all.

  4. I love it.....I have always wanted to try something similar, but I am so busy......I shouldn't complain though. I will have to MAKE some time.
    Thanks for stoppping by Crazy as a Loom.

  5. That is cool! I have some lavender in my garden right now.....perhaps you've inspired me!

    And so cool to see a new loom being added to your household!!!! Too fun!



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