Monday, May 25, 2009

Georgia Doings

I arrived at 2 in the afternoon on Thursday; my first solo flight (car trip) from our house to my daughter's in only 7 hours. Traffic was pretty light for the Atlanta area and I was grateful Nyki (kitten) only threw up once early on in the trip! When I arrived, I had the joy of surprising the grandkids with my presence but they were confused that I didn't have Grandpa in the car, too!
To celebrate their last day of school, they had planned a dinner at BeniHanna's, a Japanese restaurant. I was excited to be included even though I have never eaten Japanese food. The evening was a delight in every sense of the word! Notice the sweater that Abigail is wearing-it is the 'baby' sweater I pictured just a bit ago-it is only right that the sweater should go to her as the original UFO was one for her as a one year old-now at 5 she is finally getting a sweater out of that yarn!

After a day at doctor's appointments, library and Walmart on Friday, we were all ready to drop!
That is it for appointments , though, so it will be just rest next week! Doctor Mom's orders!

Since I am here to make Marsel rest so she can recuperate from the tendon inflammation caused by an adverse reaction to the antibiotics for a kidney infection......that is what she was forced to do on Saturday. While she took a much needed nap, I played LOOM with the kids. Remember playing with these when you were young?! See Abigail use her left hand (cerebral palsy makes this feat a miracle)! We really had a great time together.

Sunday evening they had a special time recognizing the students of their church family by having a recital. David and Abigail participated in their first 'public' pieces and it was wonderful to get to share. They were both excited about doing this so neither were too nervous. The much older students went first and set a good example for the younger ones-good idea!
Marsel felt better after her day of rest yesterday than she did today but being in church was worth it.


  1. How fun that you were able to surprise the kids and that you can help out like this. Nice too that you were there for the last day of school and their church recitals. Having a grandma around for those things is pretty special.

  2. It has been fun to share these special events with you, not to mention the blessing of sharing your company AND being able to be off my feet...!

  3. I like how you said,"make Marsel rest." How true...

  4. I loved those looms. My kids had them, & i still have the poy holders they made for me!

  5. What a lovely family time - a great reward after the long solo trip!


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