Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Home from my tour of duty as nurse. Caleb is back on his feet, not standing too straight yet, but well on the road to recovery. What an adventure!
This is Sunday night on Mother's Day just after they moved him into his room for the night and had given him his pain meds......
I did get to knit at Caleb's after he got home and until I ran out of yarn. Nyki missed me, too....
Caleb bought this for me on the day I left and he had his first outing-to Wally's of course-to buy some groceries and a toy for me-I had fun trying out some of the 'weaves' I have been reading about on the computer since I ran out of fiber stuff for myself!


  1. Whoops, guess I commented too soon the first time...the post wasn't even complete yet. :)

    That's a very cool weave-pattern -- who knew "creative" could happen even on a lowly potholder loom?!

  2. Leave it to you to creat a pattern on a potholder! Very pretty!
    Love, Con

  3. At least he didn't do it pregnant as I did!! Fun for all concerned!!!

  4. Thanks for taking care of me. It would have been a lot longer of a recovery otherwise.


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