Friday, May 8, 2009

Finished the Loose Ends

Here is the finished scrap yarn feather and fan shawl. I have mixed feelings about the outcome but it feels delicious and it will go to our local nursing home for some recipient who thinks the A/C is set too low! I started a new baby sweater using up yarn from an old project that I ripped out. It is from the book in the picture. I will work on this while we take a trip to Ocala today. Going to help Matthew with a home repair project and then to watch him play basketball (Caleb comes when he gets out of work) at their league at the local YMCA.
Just look at the dahlias that are blooming in the front yard! We deadhead the old blooms and new ones just keep coming!


  1. The shawl looks delicious to wear -- I know I won't convince you to like it, but it is pretty!

    The dahlias are gorgeous -- wow!

  2. You are one busy lady. What a talent. Your knitting is something else. My Mom was a fantastic knitter but arthritis has stopped that. Are you almost finished with the work on the house. Big project!!

    Judi B.

  3. Ah, lace knitting. Signs of the approaching summer.

    That's why I'm knitting an Aran sweater - the weather here is cooling rapidly! Although we are expecting 23*C [73*F] - a perfect autumn day!


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