Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Being A Full-Time Mom

If you follow my daughter, Marsel's blog you will know where I have been; if not, I have been given the privilege of caring for my youngest child after a surprise surgery for appendicitis! He called with a very unique Mother's Day gift-an ER visit and so we drove up to be with him for the surgery!

What a wonderful/awful place hospitals are.......

Bill went back home and left me with Caleb-you cannot be a patient alone in the hospital without an advocate! He and I are at his home now and he is recuperating very nicely for a body that has been so assaulted by infection!

I am knitting and reading while he naps and doing the usual woman's work while he is awake. It has been interesting to sort out my care/advice initiatives and for him to receive it as an adult child and not a little boy. We do have an excellent relationship, gratefully, and both of us being blessed with humor gets us over any rough spots!

Bill went back to our house to supervise the complete insulation of our home-the original building and the additions. Nice adventures that I will elaborate on in future posts.


  1. "Boring" is one word we never encounter in our family. :)

  2. So nice to have you writing again. Though we have kept in close contact through-out Calebs event You have a unique twist on words that I enjoy. So glad you always see the best of a situation! Love Mom

  3. Mom can be the best patient advocate ever! I always welcome family at the bedside. Before becoming a nurse I was a mom, that was shut out of my sick child's reach, & it was horrible. I just wanted to look through the nursery window at him & they would pull the curtains & tell me to go back to bed. 36 years later the memory of that time, still has the power to make me want to weep. I hope he continues to get better.Hugs & prayers for you both!

  4. I'm glad to hear that Caleb is doing well. May his recovery be speedy and easy (and easy for Mom too!).

  5. I created a fuss in my family by having my appendix out at 27 weeks pregnant!!

    Hope the recuperation goes well.

  6. >So, it will be different than you thought-so?! It will still be beautiful; keep knitting! Hope you are feeling better, too.

    Wow, you've had quite a time of it! Glad to hear Caleb's on the mend. A sick appendix sure is a scary thing, especially when it's happening to Your Own Baby! (okay, a very BIG baby, but still...!). I can't believe you found time to visit my blog during all this!

    Yes, I'm finally recovering from that crazy myco infection. Thought I was going to cough my lungs up (we all were doing it - yuck!), but we're so much better. Thank you for asking!


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