Saturday, May 2, 2009


Here is our beach harvest. We even found some bits of barnacle covered coral which is an unusual find .
Here is a different kind of harvest-oh, they are so sweet and tender!

Bill cut all the tops and then put them in the spare refrigerator in the garage. (The beets are already in there but I missed the pic of them!)

I sewed 2 more pairs of capris and did some weaving. It was good to have a stay at home day! (Nyki likes to help me knit and hides her mousie in the weaving !)


  1. Beautiful treasures, all! The coral is gorgeous -- well, more specifically, the barnacles -- I love that rosy color.

  2. A bountiful harvest!

    And, please, stop tempting me with the weaving. LOL

  3. I think you should mount those beach treasures just like you have them there and put them in a frame (without glass) and display them. Or toss them all into a great jar. :D Too funny on the mousie on your weaving. Do you have a good pattern for the capris? I need to make some for myself.


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