Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Yarn to Share

I finished the dusty rose tablerunner! (This is of the handspun/dyed Suffolk fiber I bought from a local shepherdess.) It is still pouring rain out so I haven't wet finished it yet but it turned out so nice. The gold adds just enough sparkle to make it special. I am bringing my loom to Marsel's to make another tablerunner and look forward to the kids helping me warp it and then to weave on it! We have read a lovely kid's book about spinning/dyeing and weaving cloth so it will be nice to share the loom with them! (Marsel has had a very nasty reaction to an antibiotic and it has inflamed her tendons in her hips and shoulders; she could use some prayer and I am going up to help with the day to day responsibilities as she is supposed to rest........)
I finished the baby sweater! This is the project that languished in a drawer forever (4 yrs actually!) which I unraveled and reknit. I am glad it is completed and off the pile of UFO's that nag at me. See the texture, Lynne?!!
I got the urge to see just how much usable fabric I had in my stash of old jeans........I think they are going to be slashed into 1/2" strips for weaving a rug. Thanks to the inspiration of this website (May 13 post) I have a plan in mind.


  1. My mom is coming...all is right with the world. :)

    The table runner is gorgeous -- that stripe really does add wow factor -- and the sweater is pretty, too!

    You really are making great progress on the de-UFOing project. It's great inspiration for me to see that I will be able to do the same some day, even if it's twenty years from now!!!

  2. Oooh! I love the table runner. DD has found someone who has offered me a loom. I want to decline [I have too many crafts on hand] but ....

    May the Lord's healing hand be on Marsel.

  3. The table runner is lovely.

    The sweater makes me want a new baby just so I can see it in that sweater.

    The rug on that website is wonderful, how big will yours be?

  4. The denim rug is huge, is yours going to be carpet size too? I have loads of jeans I have "grown out of and held on to in the hope they might one day fit again....". Can they be used on a peg loom too?


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