Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hit the Floor Running

Today , bright and early, we began to set out the wares for a garage sale.  Marsel has decided that her 12 years of marriage called for some culling of goods!  marsel has been preparing for this for weeks, so we just had to haul it all out and arrange it.  That's all! 
What hard work and wonderful fun we shared!  (see David's new cast?!)
Today was also WorldWideSpin in Public Day, so I set up my wheel and spun and answered lots of questions.  Some had never seen such a thing and others enjoyed the reminder that there is still a vital spinning community alive and well.  It was gratifying to do my part!
The kids enjoyed rediscovering forgotten toys and said goodbye to some old favorites!

The men hauled all unsold goods to the local Goodwill when it was over-nothing returned to its former holding!  Work is much easier when it is shared!


  1. What a great job clearing out stuff!!

    Cool that you got to spin in public like that!


  2. I totally forgot the WWSP day:(( well, I didn't go anywhere, so nobody but my two guys would've seen me... when we last cleared out the old stuff DS came running and protested with a lot of the stuff, but we managed to get out most of it. some went back for another few years of being kept in a corner without use, but I figured a compromise of 80/20 of letting go most would keep my sanity:)

  3. Thanks again for all of your help -- I don't think I would have survived the day without you!!!

  4. Looks like a great garage sale! The house always feels lighter after a good purge! So fun that you could provide a lesson for all the shoppers as well :-)

  5. Have a feeling this was one of those garage sales I wish had been in my neck of the woods:)

  6. That's how our family does garate sales - all unsold items go to Goodwill.

    I hope she cleared out lots of stuff and made some loot to boot.

  7. I'm so glad you did PR for the spinning community so effectively! I bet you had fun, too...


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