Saturday, September 25, 2010

Colors of September

Penta continues to attract the most common butterflies, yellow sulphurs.
The Mums have bloomed earlier in the summer and are doing it again for their Fall show.
The mexican daisies have hunkered down for the summer heat but are happy with the cooler temps and will bloom now for months.
The bromiliads love the watering Bill has showered them with every few days.  They have been slow to recover from the freezes of last winter.
This is a double bloom on one of our hibiscus bushes.  No fragrance but very large and showy.
The trumpeter vines continue to attract the hummingbirds and brighten the green of the hedge next to the house.
At least twice a day, we are visited by this beautiful sandhill couple.
The bouganvillea has grown up the trellis and has to be tucked into the top to prevent it from climbing onto the roof.  There are no blooms at this time but it will again soon. The rugosa rose bush is also blooming.
The dahlias are near the end of their bloom, the hot dry temps have been hard on them this summer.
The philedendron we planted last year is flourishing-it is about four feet high and will just continue to spread.
The beauty bushes are this beautiful color now all around the yard.  The leaves will fall off and then the stalks with the berries will provide the birds with a treat all winter.
The orange trees are readying their fruit.
The banana trees have all sent up new shoots and they will just begin to look wonderfully tropical in time for January's frosty kiss of death again.........
The camillias are all getting ready for their blooms in December.
The live oaks are in full leaf, all done with their shedding for a while and are deep green with their wisps of spanish moss gently blowing in the breeze.
The only tree in our yard that has leaves changing is our camphor tree.  It stays green all year but the older leaves do turn red and fall off.  Autumn is still very alive here.  Pretty.


  1. Great colors of September! I love it!!

    I'm jealous of the banana and orange trees that you can grow. That's really cool!

    I really like the Mexican daisy flower. Very nice texture!

    Thanks for showing your colors!

  2. Pretty pictures! You should name the Sandhills "Bill and Cindy"

  3. Loved the "fall tour" of your yard. Leaves are changing here and have seen some beautiful colors this year. Sharon

  4. Beautiful! I still think it is awesome you can eat oranges from your own orange tree. Here's to you having a mild winter so that nothing freezes out.

  5. Beautiful colors!!!

    I love the sandhills. They look so stately.

  6. Love the variety you have!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow - sandhill cranes - how cool -
    It is amazing to see all the plants that you grow outdoors that we must grow inside. Very pretty! T.

  8. Oo, thanks for sharing, so much beauty!!


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