Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Bit More of the Same

It seems to be the theme of week; dabbling all over the place but I finished coat one in the breezeway and what a boost to lose the primer white walls in there!  Hmm, the color doesn't show up at all.
 You will have to trust me, it is a greenish gray and just perfect for this room!
And talk about a boost-the red Haruni shawl is finished and ready for blocking!  When I soaked the red shawl before blocking, the red dye just wouldn't rinse out!  I put it in a pot and back on the stove to simmer for an hour.  Voila!  Problem solved.  I must not have simmered it enough in the yarn stage.  It maintained it deep scarlet red color and variations gratefully.
It is just the right weight, drape and feel for a shawl!  It is a comfortable 60" across, 32" down the spine.  I love the rounded corners, very flattering. 
I did a healthy repeat of Chart B to make the body of the shawl bigger and I am so glad I did-I wouldn't mind another one to knit right away! 
We had a beautiful sunshower this afternoon, no rainbow but 2/10" of rainfall sure makes all the outdoor critters sing!  (These two inside ones were grateful, too!)
And this is the triumph of my day-I cooked up some raspberries and made raspberry tea!  I have never learned to like tea even though I want to very much.  I just can't bear the taste.  But there is a local restaurant that serves this and I have acquired a taste for it and wanted some of my own!  I am so proud of this accomplishment.  Next time I make it, I will use frozen raspberry concentrate and not have to deal with all the sieving of the berries; thanks for the tip , daughter!  It is a delicious drink-I feel so southern, finally!


  1. I'm sure the walls looks great, even though we can't see the color...the shawl is magnificent, I love how the delicate pattern and the bold color play off of each other...and the tea looks wonderful, wish I had a tall glass!!!

  2. cool, you managed to dye the same colour - no difference visible! I like the pattern, have to hunt around on ravelry:))
    you're making good progress with your painting - fancy doing our bathroom as well?

  3. The shawl is incredible!! And I'm glad you're making progress on painting--I know that's very satisfying! :o)

  4. How do you make your raspberry "tea"? Our raspberries are ripening (I had some on my cereal this morning....yumm!) and I would love to learn other yummy things to make with these!

  5. And your beautiful shawl matches your drink - how cool are you!!!!

    It is a lovely shawl. The color is happy and bright. Perfect for a winter's day.


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