Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got Fleece?!

I was gifted a little fleece .  A friend was at a rummage sale and saw this and called to see if I was interested.  Of course!  There was no info on the fleece, no one remembered what kind of sheep it was from.  That doesn't deter me!  I spread it out, removed the hinderparts, shook out the sand and put it out for Bill to see-talk about a cat magnet! The fibers are 3" long, slightly greasy but not very much.  I can't wait to see how it spins!
PuffDaddy was very put out when I put it in the tub for soaking.  He did make the mistake of trying to lay on it in the tub but that happened so quickly I missed it for a picture!
Time to go and play with JD if he can't have his wool!
The tub has to be emptied and refilled several times before the fleece will be clean enough to card for spinning.  Bill is a good sport about the unusual aroma of this bathroom while it is soaking! 


  1. Puff has gotten so big!!! Would've loved to see him try to fleece in the tub, I'm sure that was hysterical.

    That water is disgusting. I'd love to get into spinning someday but I think I may be a chicken and only buy fleeces that are already washed and ready to go! :)

  2. I love the picture of PuffDaddy laying on the fleece! LOL!

  3. Puff had to go play with JD because the incident you mention DID NOT HAPPEN. And if it did, he did it on purpose. And besides, he really doesn't care. If it happened. Which it didn't.


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