Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vacation Mail

We always put our mail on hold while we are away and so it is fun to go through a big pile when we get home.  I had this to get excited about-
a full size potholder kit with cotton, not polyester, loopers! 
I had to give it a try right away.  Yippee!  I picked out colors to match my new dishtowels...
Some skills you never forget...!  Perfect!  And, big enough to be of real use on the table. 
Little JD is learning there are perks to indoor living-left over cereal milk!
This is what is on my knitting needles now that I am finished with Abigail's cardigan, a sweater for Marsel using the NY vacation mohair from my Aunt.  There is enough yarn to make one for me when I am done!  This is working up quickly because it uses large needles (10) and the yarn itself is fluffy and feels delightful to work with!  I am using a pattern in the Dec 2009 Knit 'n Style magazine, the Anika Shrug.


  1. I'm so excited about the sweater!!!

    JC looks like she is settling in nicely.

    We'll have to play with the potholder loom when we come down nice to have cotton loops.

  2. That is a wonderful thing to get in the mail! Love how you put the potholder together - very weaverly!

    That yarn sounds fabulous!!


  3. argh, lightbulb moment here! I thought those work the same as the weavettes etc. where you work with thread. didn't know that you use ready-made loops! very practical... I have to make some for myself soon, I have one old and tatty pair - and have to use dish towels, when those are in the wash. scandalous really - this in a textile nutter's household:))

  4. Love that little loom! Had one as a kid that I loved playing with! Can't wait to see the sweater finished. Have a feeling I will be jealous once it is finished. JD is one lucky kitty;)

  5. I want one of those Looper Looms!

    Matching sweaters for you two or matching in fiber only?


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