Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

I spent a great day in the sewing room on Saturday!  I finished the quilting on the jelly roll quilt. 
It is just what I envisioned!  Curvy, graphic lines of the quilting contrast nicely with the strips.
I sewed the binding right on it and it is ready for use on the couch by my long husband!
When I was in NY in August, Mom showed me a quilt-covered journal gifted to her.  I wanted to make one!  Using some leftovers on the jelly roll quilt, I did just that.  Then I made another!  This was a very nice project on several levels! 
 One of these I will keep, the other is for a friend that hits a big birthday today !


  1. I LOVE the quilting, especially how the lines add dimension and interest to the solid-fabric strips. Perfection!

  2. I really like the journal book covers! I keep a journal book by my bed so I know how important they are.

  3. I love the journal covers!!! The colors are just beautiful!!


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