Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Delighted Spinner!

The fleece came out very clean-it only took a couple of rinses to make the water run clear.  Using the old clothes basket for a strainer is a trick I learned from a blog friend (Benita)!  It worked very well!  I then spun out the wool to remove as much water as I could before I took it outside.
I laid it out on the pool decking to dry-that happens pretty quickly around here!
After carding a few handfulls of wool, I gave it a good spin.
 This wool is a dream to spin; so smooth and with a slight luster in the finished yarn.  I am going to knit up a bit to make a swatch and give it a good wash to see how it responds for more clues to what it might be.
 I would love to find some more of this fiber if I can identify it!  I have recorded the pertinent facts up to now.


  1. That's gorgeous! I can see the lovely ivory luster, even in the picture.

  2. It's so neat how it goes from this dirty wad of matted hair to a gorgeous skein of yarn.

  3. Very nice! amazing what can be done with a bit of dirty wool.

  4. I love how the wool turned out! Beautiful!

  5. What a lovely end product!! You would never have suspected it from the inauspicious beginnings.

    I envy you the quick drying - well, and even the spot in which to spread the fiber out.

    You Florida folks sure don't have a right to complain about weather at the moment - looks gorgeous there!!


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