Friday, September 24, 2010

Slow Day at Home

As I power cleaned around here, Bill came and asked for some help.  He had been playing on the tractor digging out the ditches that are dry well, mostly dry,from our lack of rainy season precipitation.
Husband, you have outdone yourself! 
The truck pulled it right out like nothing was attached.  Nice to know.
The pond's water level  is very low, too.  We desperately need some rain.
I finished spinning the ivory corriedale cross and ended up with 1100 yards of fingering weight yarn.  No immediate plans but it will visit the dyepot as soon as I know what it will be used for.
I also finished spinning the alpaca fiber I bought in NY.  It worked up to 700 yards of fingering weight yarn.  I made the little skein for JD who fell in love with this fiber!  This will be going into the dyepot, too, but I haven't decided on its use yet either so will wait until I decide.  Yarn has a L O N G shelf life so there is no hurry! 
 I am moving along on the Anika Shrug for Marsel; the sleeve is finished and I am into the back portion.
Today, I noticed that the kittens were awfully quiet and began hunting for them. 
They weren't in their usual nap spots but then I looked in the guest room.  PuffDaddy decided to share a secret napping place with JD!  Awww, so cute!


  1. The yarn is beautiful. Do you have a link for the shawl? Glad to know the truck can unstuck things easily. Cats sharing naps is always cute!

  2. He's a classic, that father of mine...he definitely outdid himself on this one!!!

    Nice yarn and sweet kitties, too!


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