Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Sonic Boom

Did you hear the sonic boom this afternoon when I finished the batik quilt I had started in January of 2010!
I bought the acrylic templates for the quilt while in NY in August of 2009, bought my batik fabric from
Timeless Tonga Treasures at that time, cut out all the fabric in January and have worked on it off and on since then!
 The idea of taking the picture by the pool didn't work-the sun cast shadows so I had to wait for the sun to go down to take another!
 I will hang it up in the house for a real picture-it is too big for Bill to be able to hold it up for me but I couldn't wait to get pics of it!  (105" x 98" which is going on a queen sized bed)
 The cats came right over to help-if it is in the pool area , it must be for their pleasure......
Here is a close up of the quilting.
 The quilting is very dense, it took me a half hour for just one row and there are 22 rows of this design! I lagged in my vigor while quilting this but so glad I hung in there........!
 The fabric for the back was just a bit too narrow so I used some left overs for adding a pieced section so it would be wide enough-we call that a design element, you know!
 The quilting shows up better on the back and is very polynesian looking to me.  Just right for this tropical
This looks pretty enough to be wall art! 
 I left the quilt for the cats to play under.........
And I went down the hill from the pool area and planted my indigo  and cotton in an area Bill tilled up for me.  I am a bit late in getting the seeds in the ground but the growing season is long enough here that I think I will be okay!  (I only planted half of this area-the other part was the winter garden and will grow in for the summer.)


  1. Oh I just love your quilt..the colours are so you and your lovely home. The design is perfect fot the fabric. What more could you ask fo than the approval of the
    I am planting a few things also. Just got some tomato plants and some basil..then on to some leaf lettuce ect.
    Enjoy your weather..we are still raining here..ugh!!

    Have a great weekend..Judi

  2. Your quilt turned out beautiful Cindy! Nice quilting, & I LOVE the shots with the cats! So cute!

    Ooh indego & cotton. Are you going to spin the cotton & dye it with the indego?

  3. The quilt is lovely - well worth the wait.

    And, of course it was a design feature - what else could it have been? :-)

  4. It is a magnificent work of art!!!

  5. ha, and I thought that noise was thunder:)) but it was worth all your work - the quilt is very beautiful and very tropical colours:) perfect to show off the cats with their black fur! I would never finish a large quilt like that, never mind doing such complicated quilt patterns....
    and lucky you to be able to grow indigo and cotton outside (they won't even grow inside for me!) I hope to see lots of blue, handdyed cottons somewhere in the future:))

  6. Beautiful fabric and colours - and what a great result! Congratulations on finishing the quilt - always the most difficult part of a large project...


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