Friday, May 13, 2011


I finally sat at the loom again-a plastic bag tote was needed.
  PuffDaddy helped me every step of the way....the fringe tying was his favorite part!
 It was exhausting work!
 Into the sewing room next to attach the straps and then serge the sides!
 One tote to go-this one is made of bags from HomeDepot and a Stramping Store (pink)
 While I was in the sewing room, I decided to finish the quilted tote bag, too.  I did the machine quilting on my sewing machine-took a bit to get back into THAT groove !
I used nylon screen for the bottom-this was an idea I have had for a while and it worked just fine!  Very easy material to work with-I wanted the bottom to be open for a beach bag-just right!
On the needles; a new sock from old handspun yarn (merino and silk)  .  I am knitting from the new issue of Knits, the hourglass socks.  The pattern does work well but it is not a mindless knit-there is a lot of purl stitching.  I will finish this pair I am certain but a good plain pair of socks is much more to my liking!


  1. A lot of hours went into those projects -- nice to conquer them!

    Glad you found the screening for your bag. ;)

  2. Love how both bags turned out. it's hard to decide which one I like better!

  3. great idea for the bags - which reminds me of several rolls of colourful bin liners I had bought for similar projects... I prefer more "interesting" sock patterns to plain ones - though yarn with too many colours can be a bit iffy to work into patterns! looking forward to seeing more of the pattern!

  4. I love both of those bags! Pretty cool that you made a bag from bags and the screen on the bottom of the other one is a great idea!

  5. You know, that quotation from Proverbs 31:13 describes you very well. The delight at what you do comes through in your writing.

  6. Using screen in the bottom of the beach bag is brilliant! Sand that accidentally goes in the top is sifted back out at the bottom. And both bags are bright and cheery.


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