Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outside and In

One of our front yard palms, a Queen palm, has died-the last two years of frosty winters did her in. 
 Bill dug it up and added some good soil to prepare for the.......
 new queen palm!  It looks just right!  Nice to have fronds instead of a stump but the crow will miss the old one!
 Bill also planted a new tree, a Mimosa, where the old banana tree lived (another frosty casualty).
 These blossoms are very delicate looking but the tree will withstand the winter frosts.
 My neighbor called to share a mother lode of fabric, literally-her Mom is done with the fabric part of her life and gave it all to Mille!  We sorted, admired and I am thrilled with my bounty-lots for quilts and QuiltsforKids here!
 There was also a large piece (4 yards) of fancy fleece-I am not sure what this will be yet, but leaning toward two blankets with some of my hand spun wool for blanket stitch edging by hand!
 The plain socks are finished-they are really olive green and not as blue green as they show up here.  The temperatures have been in the high nineties so I am not in need of these right away.  (Probably for the next car ride because Bill likes the A?C on his feet and I need protection when he does!)
A new shawl is on the needles, a mystery shawl from Marsel's LYS, The Whole Nine Yarns.  I am using some alpaca in fingering weight that I had spun a few years ago.  It uses a new way to begin the triangle shawl and so far it is engaging to knit!


  1. I can see your Mother drooling over that box of fabric--and saying what will we make. Sharon

  2. It's nice to see a new palm out lends such elegance to your villa!

    I am jealous of your mother lode but glad that you get to have fun with it!

    Glad my LYS has you to join in the fun since I am such a wuss about knitting anything other than dishcloths. :)

  3. Loving the Mimosa tree. Did you know.... Mimosa is a natural dye plant? Didn't know till I saw someone selling the freeze dried leaves at KSFF last week end;)

  4. That certainly was a mother lode of fabric!

    That mimosa tree looks very pretty and the new palm looks like it has been there for ages.

  5. Look at all that lovely fabric! Someone is going to be very busy making quilts.

    Mimosa leaves make an awesome yellow dye with alum - just as an FYI. :)


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