Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Yarn Experiment

 Remember how I dyed these 100 gram superwash wool rovings into thirds.........
 Well, I spun the pink one.......after splitting the roving in half for two plies.  The colors didn't line up exactly so that there would be some color blending between the color changes and this is the result-
367 yards of fingering weight yarn which will be a small shawl soon!


  1. Very pretty!! Can't wait to see the knitted shawl.

  2. Very pretty color combination -- it reminds me of "Spree" candy!

  3. Wow! It came out great can't wait to see the shawl.

  4. Very colourful - and the colours not lining up just creates another blended colour, doesn't it?

  5. pretty colours! if I can't see finished socks at least I get to see yummy colours:))

  6. Well, ain't you clever! Actually, that ought to make a lovely shawl - just to colors of some of the flowers you have been showing. I think the transition area will make it work out great.


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