Sunday, April 28, 2013

A New Project

 There is a new project that is even more precious than my fiber pursuits!  We are watching Will for a few days while his parents are in Hawaii for a trip;  Matthew earned the trip because of his  top sales at Sherwin Williams!  Grandpa fed him his bottle this morning and serenaded him to sleep!
 Will and I take stroller rides-he is chewing on the scarf I made and was going to wear to church today.  Someone liked it I gave it to him; a logical grandma choice!
 We borrowed the stroller (it helps to have young friends willing to share!) and this exer-saucer so Will would have some entertainment and so I could have 10 mins to catch up while he did so!  It is working out great on both counts!
 We enjoy a tons of conversations; he is very talkative.  He is enjoying the feel and lightness of this woolen shawl and I explain what kind of animal it is from.  We both smile a lot!  He is also mimicking noises and we have a lot of non-verbal male communication, too; I raised 3 boys and I remember how this is important to them!
 On our walks we saw 6 Sand hill cranes in our yard-we have never had this many at peace-usually more than one couple is a fight in the making but these remained social all afternoon!
 Flowers in bloom in the pool area are also of interest .  The day lilies are show stoppers!
 The ground orchid is in full bloom-this is one of 8 groups of flowers out right now.
 Will and I enjoyed a swim-the pool water is warm enough not to be a jolt for him-he enjoyed the time to splash with no interruptions from me like for bath time!
A less welcome find on our walk-a Coral Snake which was very dead and snatched by one of our vultures by the end of the day-gratefully!


  1. Okay, after so many nice pictures, ending with a nasty coral snake was a real jolt! Ugh!

    I was feeling the need for some Will pictures this morning...thanks for delivering. :) Happy for you to have this special time with him (and a little jealous, too)!

  2. No wonder Will is such a happy boy. Smiles, conversation, a nice walk, a swim, food on demand... I'd be smiling all he time, too!

  3. looks like you're all having a great time - no wonder in this weather!
    have fun with the wee one!

  4. Will is definitely a Minolta -- he looks so much like Bill and therefore, of course, like his daddy!

    Congratulations to Matthew on the achievement!

    Ah, grandson time -- enjoy some for me too!

  5. Love your orange orchid! It reminds me of one my mom had - just beautiful!!!


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