Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sacks, Socks and Shirts

 The Live Oaks are releasing their last batch of pollen.  The rain helped to wash away a lot of it, gratefully!
 I made the camouflage backpack for my oldest grandson's birthday.
 He enjoys being in the woods by their house and doing reconnaissance so I can only imagine the adventures he will take this bag .
 I wrapped up the packages to mail to him........Nyki had to scent the box first to send a message to their household cats!
 I decided to tackle a long postponed quilt.  Caleb had given me a bag of old T-shirts for a memory quilt almost a year ago.  I have decided the layout, a 5 x 6 block design with denim colored sashing so I needed 30  12 1/2" squares.   I dug out, sorted and cut out squares-some the front and some both front and back.
 I then pressed interfacing to the back of the squares to stabilize the stretchy cotton knits for quiltmaking.  This press sure saved me time though it did heat up the sewing room!
 This is the pile of t-shirt bottoms I will bag up for use in the garage for rags.
I whipped up a pair of cotton socks with stretchy Paton yarn-I used only one skein for summer weight shorty socks!


  1. I wondered how you'd make T-shirt quilt less stretchy. I never even though of interfacing. Great idea!

    The pollen is killing us, too. Everyone is sneezing.

    That backpack looks great and it looks sturdy enough to last him a good long time.

  2. You are such a busy little beaver! Lovely backpack and socks. I'll be watching the progress of the t-shirt quilt with interest.

    I'm sitting outside on the patio (recently relaid by WM) typing this as three strong men move DD's possessions out of what once was the family home. As long as no one reminds me what's really happening, I'm fine!

  3. You are going to conquer the T-shirt quilt -- hooray! :)

    I had to skip past the middle of this post because SOMEONE had radar!


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