Friday, April 19, 2013

More Socks and Shirts

 I finished another pair of shorty summer socks.  I like being able to make a pair with just one skein of yarn!  These are going to Marsel since they are of Regia yarn which is supposed to be guaranteed not to spring a hole in the heel!
 I played around with a bit of yarn over design on the top of the foot.   There will be more with this idea on the next pair.
 I have the rest of the T-shirt blocks interfaced and arranged to my liking.
 I cut out all the sashing this morning and then started to put it all together.
 I didn't get too far because the sunshine and the pool called this afternoon-the water temperature is up to 89*, my minimum temp and so I took a nice long swim until a rain storm moved in and I had to run inside!  Only four more rows to go!
I did a bit of this until supper time!  More cotton spinning! It looks like the azaleas out in bloom in the front yard.
This is the latest we have had them bloom in the 6 years we have lived here!
The color is just electric.
After the rain this afternoon, we see a lot of blooms like this one on the air fern.
Another rare sighting is this one of JD who prefers to stay hidden.  She doesn't like the rain so she has adopted this shelf on the outside of the fireplace!  I did not have permission to photograph her!


  1. 89 degree pool water - we had spitting snow today after all the storms rolled in last night.

    I like the quilt a lot. It's going to make a useful memory.

  2. that quilt definitely looks "boy and sports":) it must be fun to have a quilt with all these memories... not sure about the regia guarantee though: I use regia all the time - and have heels with holes quite often, too:) but I still think it's a good yarn and there's always the afterthought heel to take care of the holes that pop up. and with our temps there's no need for a pool - it would be too cold for 360 days of the year:)

  3. "Grandma socks" are always a happy thing in our household! :)

    It is really cool to see the T-shirt quilt coming together. What a fun memory-lane quilt.

    A warm-water swim sounds lovely -- could you bring that warm pool with you when you come to visit me?! :)

  4. Always something going on at your house! The quilt is looking good, the socks look comfy! Swimming in April -- wow! The rest of USA may be having an extended winter but your little neck of the woods has moved on!

  5. I love you socks! It seems to take me so long to finish even one pair. The quilt is so nice! You are so talented.


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