Thursday, April 25, 2013


 Bill had his stitches removed today and so on the way home from the doctors we stopped to have lunch together at our favorite restaurant.  It was warm and tropical out on the deck and just perfect sitting and watching the boats on the river.
 This was  to our right and offers shade to the parking lot area.  What a magnificent live oak tree!
 The branch looks like it has been molded.  Just beautiful.
 The cypress tree is in full leaf and has tons of cones now.
 The cones are not like any you find on pine trees!
Not a wave in sight-the water was so inviting but we did see a gator so being a spectator is good enough for me!
For some reason, we both had an urge to take a boat ride-it has been a long winter without a tour!


  1. Glad to hear that Bill has his stitches out. When we have full use of his fee?

    Lovely location for a restaurant but I can do without the gator thanks!

    I suppose we'll be seeing a boat post soon (when Bill's fit enough, of course!)

  2. What a nice reward!

    You will need to bring a layer or two extra to our house...we are not at 'tropical' levels yet!

  3. What restaurant was it?? I love those old oak trees!1 Sharon

  4. you have been so busy - you deserve a treat! hard to keep up with all the things you've been doing - but I esp. like the socks. if you don't look too closely they could even be little umbrellas:) and the boat sounds tempting, with the warm weather you seem to be having. it's probably a bit cooler on the water?

  5. Is there even a puddle of water in FL that doesn't have a gator in it? LOL! I love live oaks and cypress trees. Just learned this week that they are endangered and people should not buy cypress mulch. My environmental lecture for the day :-)


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