Monday, April 22, 2013

Cutting and Sewing and Knitting

 We have been finding murdered yarn skeins in the living room.  We had our suspicions but no proof. Consider this proof!  Does she look sorry?  I think it is satisfaction not remorse!
I was knitting some more on the entrelac blanket;  I am on the last skein!  When I got the urge to try another flamingo sock with smaller needles so the sock is more refined.
Oh, yeah.  We have a winner.  I am using the same number of stitches around, but this one just feels better, looks better and I knew I could do it!
The quilt top for Caleb's t-shirt quilt is complete and I will load it up onto the frame tomorrow.
I made another bathing suit for Abigail's American Girl Doll using a product that is new to me which was recommended on the pattern.  At the last trip to JoAnns I purchased a package and it sure does work beautifully!  It is called Fold Over Elastic and comes in a variety of colors.  Give it a try!


  1. Naughty (but quite pleased with herself) kitty!

    The quilt looks so good!!!

    Abigail will love the swimsuit. I love that you have put it into the "come to my house" pile. :)

  2. How large are the squares on the quilt?

    Yarn gets left alone at my house (so far), but unspun fiber and fleeces... Those have to stay in a room the cats have no access to.

  3. Tom is too lazy to yarn-wrangle! Kitty looks so pleased with herself!

    Cute swimsuit! The t-shirt quilt looks good too!


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