Friday, May 6, 2022

NOT EVERY DAY... you have such an exotic visitor! 
 We had heard this peacock for a few hours way out back
 and Bill imitated his call and he came to investigate!
He checked out the whole area around the bird feeder where Bill had placed some ground corn on the ground.
He didn't open his tail for us but we sure appreciated his strutting around for a while!
Just look at the sunshine reflected off his tail!


  1. So beautiful. How fun to have peacocks so close to home. We went to an old, old castle a few days ago and there were 5 peacocks and multiple peahens running around. One had his tail spread and I got fairly close to him. I'll have to see if Dennis got a photo. I was busy watching him shake and rattle his tale for the ladies! :-)
    Blessings and love,

  2. How fun! (Also funny after we just talked last week about peacock visitors!)

  3. Beautiful! There was a guy who lived up the street from my Grandparents (in Vermont) who had peacocks. I always got feathers to use as bookmarks. And, a few years ago I saw an albino peacock for the first time!

  4. Wow! What a handsome man and kudos to Bill for being able to lure him closer.

    We used to drive to a place in Merritt Island (River to River) that had wild peacocks. They even had an albino peacock. I loved that drive --- so beautiful AND with peacocks. (But, boy were they messy!)

  5. Oh wow! Did he belong to a farm or something around you?

  6. My dad's neighbor had one and it used to come up to dad's front window in the morning and scream. When I was taking care of dad it would scare me to death. So pretty to see but so terrible to hear. They really are loud.


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