Saturday, May 14, 2022


While Grandpa got together the equipment for fishing, 
Eli and I took a pond visit.  The lilies are in bloom!
The little frogs are about the shore.
And then this guy lumbered out of the pond...the sun was inviting!  We were on the golf cart and this is zoomed in; 
 he is oly 40" long.  
Even so, we do stay on the golf cart!
In spite of the competition, Eli caught two bullheads
 which we ate for dinner!
When the guys left for fishing,
 I finished the quilting at the frame and trimmed the edges.
See how pretty the back looks with the leftover apple core blocks?
 I also made two more blocks. 
 Now I have to decide if I want to make the next six blocks with gray stars and alternate the blcoks.  
Or if I will make all the blocks with red and then use gray to make sashing with red cornerstones. 
 Good  decisons to deal with....


  1. Oh, my goodess...if I saw that crawl out of my creek I'd never step foot outside again. My ex's parents lived in FL and it never ceased to amaze me how nonchalant they were about the crocs? gators? (I don't know the difference tbh) that walked through their backyard every evening at sundown.

  2. Not fond of the gator, but your quilting is lovely.

  3. Love those quilts especially the one with the scalloped edges. Alligators are kinda scary! We even saw one once by the post office in FLA; somehow they seem to be everywhere.

  4. You have been busy! Love all the fiber stuff, will leave the scaly things alone! LOL

  5. Beautiful blocks and quilt. You are such a talented lady. It sounds as if Grandpa and Grandma are having a grand time with Eli. That alligator would have sent me running but the little frogs are cute!

  6. Oh my! You have your very own alligator!

    I'll bet the boys were excited to eat something they caught.

  7. That picture of the frog is AWESOME. Love the alligator too, of course


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