Wednesday, May 4, 2022


This flower is a Geum which is a new oneto me!
A friend says it looks like a cross between
 a poppy and a hibiscus! lol
I went to the orthopedic dr and am officially without the brace now!  And have 6-8 weeks of PT and OT 
to teach the thumb to work again!
The incision sites are mostly invisible and that is very good news!
Unfortunately, I am back to my primary dr today
 because for the last 2 weeks
 I have had severe swelling in my knees, calves and feet.
  I have gone without some meds to pinpoint the problem
 and it has only gotten worse.  
I titled this 'sort of home again' because I have to leave 
for a dr appointment every day this week!
I want to unpack, clean house and savor the flowers in my yard and have Lena on my lap!  
I'm looking forward to Saturday!



  1. I'm glad you have the brace off, but you're not supposed to get more problem in trade!!!! I hope they can figure out the issue quickly and you can get back to your cat and gardens where you belong!

  2. Nice to have the brace off. Hope they get the other issue figured out quickly.

  3. Glad to hear the brace is off. Hope your other issues are figured out quickly and you are on the road to FULL recovery. Just because your brace is off...don't overdo it!!

  4. Oh,'s always something, isn't it? I am so sorry to hear of your new woes. At least that brace is gone and you can keep your hands busy while you are waiting for all those Drs. to weigh in.

  5. Hip, Hip, Hooray! The brace is gone. Now I hope your other issues are solved quickly and life can resume as normal by YOUR standards. Lena will be glad when you're properly home too.
    My ankles have completely disappeared since we flew over the pond, and all of the walking we've been doing certainly hasn't helped at all. But it's all worth it and will be fine once we get back home.
    I'll be praying that an answer is found for you very soon my dear friend.
    Blessings and love,

  6. Glad that brace is off! Hope the dr. figures out your swelling issues. I just realized that I wasn't seeing your posts anymore and discovered you weren't on my blog list after the new blogger thing. So glad to be back!

  7. Yay for the hand.... Now stop it on the other stuff!!! I really hope they find the source and get you all back in action!!!!


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