Friday, May 20, 2022


Nyki hopes that if she lays on my yarn, I won't be able to knit....
I made all of the decisions and this is what I will be sewing together for the sock monkey quilt!
I am wearing this heavy adhesive tape to help put pressure on the thumb incision which is trying to thicken too much and also to help the fluid drain from my thumb.
It doesn't hurt or prevent me from doing anything but it is helping with the swelling.  I can't move the tip of my thumb due to swelling and this will help so we can continue PT/OT !
I'm not in pain, gratefully, but this is how I roll! lol


  1. You never realize how much you use your hands until you get an injury. I am still really struggling with mine. It hurts so much to use small needles. For some reasons my pinkie fingers are the worst. I am trying hand stretching exercises before and after I knit and it's helping a bit.

  2. Too bad they don’t make the tape in olive green! 😁 It is pretty neat how much they can do with that tape. I love how cats think positioning themselves just right (then aiming their head away and closing their eyes) will work to get their way. The quilt is so fun!

  3. I really like the decisions you made on the quilt. It's such a happy one. :-)
    Glad that the tape is helping too. Does it hurt when it comes off? I've never seen anything like it before, but if it works, more power to tape!!!
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Love the layout!
    And that tape stuff makes you look like an athlete ;-)

  5. Looks like kitty hasn't stopped your work on that sock; it seems to be quite a bit longer! I love what you're doing on the quilt; it's so cute. Somehow I missed reading about your thumb surgery, and hope the tape helps it heal more quickly.

  6. It's amazing the strides they have made in medicine and therapy! Hope it helps the thumb. Love the final plans for the monkey.


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