Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilt Ta Da

I finally finished the quilt job!

  When I came up with a plan it went great-the plan took a long time to come forth is all.  I have another one to go on the frame today.  Already have a design for it so it will be a quick quilt. 

This is a fun experiment.  I admired these wispy tall grasses at a friend's so she snipped off the tops and instructed me to put them in a vase of water upside down and just wait for them to grow.  I know my face reflected my doubt but I did it just the way she said.  Look-I have two out of three that have put out a new plant!  It took about a month to see results so I almost gave up-so glad I didn't !

I have the first bag done on the new warp-the purply one!


  1. The quilt looks great! Congratulations on another finished project!! I love the house in the center panel.

    That's kind of cool that you planted the grass upside down, and it still grew. I guess that makes sense for a tall grass in the wild. If it falls over, it can re-grow.

    You were right that the purple bags would make a great weft. Very nice.


  2. Yay that the quilters-block quilt is done! It looks so nice...worth the agony. :)

    The grass is fun. Where will you plant it?

    A purple bag finally -- hooray!

  3. Cute quilt, I really like the house with the path leading up to it. Looks so welcoming. Of COURSE you have another quilt on the frame already!! :D Interesting with the grass, I've never heard anything like it.

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  5. Putting Nyki in for scale was a great move! LOL Cats really have to inspect everything, don't they? No wonder there's an old saying about them and curiosity.

    I love the house in the middle of the quilt.

  6. What a beautiful quilt!

    So, what kind of grass is that?


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