Monday, August 25, 2014

Armchair Central

 I woke up to a bad day yesterday for some reason.  The pain was just miserable all over.   Instead of fussing or staying in bed-a passing thought-I pulled out a list of projects I had squirreled away for just such a day as today!  It was a list of things I could begin right from this chair so I pulled the list and the projects and got to work!   I stick yarn and pattern in a big zip-loc bag and even if I change the plan-it gives me a place to start when I want a new knitting project!
 This is some special reserve from KnitPicks-it contains angora so is very soft!  I had bought two skeins last winter.
 I started in first on the Geology shawl-I will be dyeing this one after it is knit so that it will reflect the Florida layers of sand!
 Like most projects, it is going much more smoothly and quickly on the second knit!
I also pulled out the project bag with the yarn I received from BasicallyBenita and am knitting it up into a new  cardigan pattern from KayMeadors......  This provided good mental stimulation!
 Bill was looking for something and came across these tencel socks I had knit it several years ago.
 He had worn a hole in the heel in the same spot our daughter wears through!
I ripped out the sock from the top down and will reknit them-Bill said I was crazy but I wanted the challenge!   I just have to pick up the stitches and move ahead with the knitting-it is one way to solve the 'hole in the heel' problem!


  1. sorry for the delayed comments, my computer is doing funny stuff - again:( I do hope you're feeling better again - and good luck with fixing the socks! how about an afterthough heel? I get holes in exactly the same place with my socks:(

  2. You are truly an inspiration to every one. I do hope your feeling much better!!

  3. It seems like nothing can stop you! Good on you for not giving in to the "stay in bed" whispers!


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