Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eyelet Lattice Sock Pattern

The first sock is finished with this pretty KnitPicks Stroll Queen Anne Tonal yarn.  I used a free stitch pattern from NewStitchADay and used it to add a strip up the otherwise plain toe-up sock with a short row heel.  I am very pleased with the results and cast on the mate immediately!
If you are not a knitter, you will want to stop reading now!  For those who might like to perk up a plain pair of socks-read on!

The stitch pattern is easily memorized so no charts or having to mark your place.   You make three  yarn overs and the next time two-very easy to keep track of what you are doing!

Here is the pattern highlights if you want to try it yourself:

Judy's Magic cast on-12 stitches each needle (24 total) with a #2 circular needle

TOE-Increase to 30 stitches each needle.
Begin pattern insert over 12 stitches-round 1-k1, (p2, k1, ( k2tog, yo) 3x , k1, p2) knit  around.
                                                     round 2 k1, (p2, k8, p2) knit around.
                                                     round 3 k1, (p2, k2, (k2tog, yo) 2x, k2, p2) knit around.
                                                     round 4 repeat round 2
Measure the distance from your cast on to the place where you have increased to the 30 stitches.  Measure the length of your foot (or the recipient of the socks!)  , subtract the distance of the toe from this overall length and then subtract another 1/2" so the sock will have negative ease-this is how you will always have a sock that fits snugly and is not saggy!
Work a short row heel.  (check out YouTube for instructions here-I always work over 1/2 of the total sock stitches and decrease until the heel is the same as the toe-until I have only 12 stitches left just like on the cast on.)
The pattern continues up until you do the ribbing at the top in k1p1 in a length that is pleasing to you.  I generally work until the leg of the sock (folded on itself ) is the length of the foot to the toe and then I do ribbing until the two halves match.  Bind off with a needle that is at least an #8.  It might look a bit loose while you are doing the bind off, but when you stretch it to wear it, the ribbing edge looks great!

Reverse the pattern area to the other side of the front for the second sock so the patterning will go up the outside of each foot so you have a pair!   (For example, the beginning of round 1 will be K17 , pattern, and end with k1 , knit around)


  1. So you use circular needle to knit this? Not double pointed?

  2. Yummy-colored yarn! The lacey strip is a lovely touch.

  3. I have a skein of that yarn and I love that pattern. I may be making twins in the near future!

  4. just lovely. Delighted with your Handi work


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