Thursday, September 1, 2016


This is my grand daughter, Aria, who lives way too far away in WA.
She is modeling the shirt I made her last week-it looks so pretty on her! 
She just turned four and is train-crazy !
It is much nicer modeled than lain flat like this! 
I made a little flamingo zippered bag (4 x 6") to go in your purse. 
It has a fun lining, too.
This is for a friend who just celebrated a birthday.
I am enjoying this cool way to bind the zipper ends.  It makes turning the bag so much cleaner.
I still have enough of this fat quarter to make several more little bags like this.
There is nothing like a cool, quick project!


  1. Aria is adorable in her train top! Cute little flamingo bag too! You do beautiful work.

  2. someone looks very pretty in the new top:) and I like the lining fabric - colourful dots are so useful in patchwork! I am still looking for a special lavender one with dots I once had - unfortunately I only bought a FQ at the time - should have bought the hole bolt:)

  3. I love that bag you sent me. I was just wasting some time looking at tutorials on how to make a small bag like that. I just may give it a go when I get home.

  4. PS: The shirt is too cute and as for your little Miss Grand-beautiful!!!

  5. I need to remember to pick up zippers in all colors and sizes whenever I see them. Then I would always have some on hand in case I want to make bags. But then, I always have an excuse to not go up to sew in my craft room. Well, right now it's being prepped to move, so that really is a good reason.


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