Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wrap it Up!

 Marsel spun up two skeins of Peruvian wool, 140 yards!  
 She washed and dried the skeins and started right away on the next yarn...
...some beautiful rainbow Superwash Merino/nylon we dyed last Spring (2015!)
We split the roving into 4 sections so there will be two, 2 ply skeins.
I will have her send me a pic of them when finished! 
Abigail and I had a sewing project this morning, a cross shoulder bag for her to wear!
She is enjoying her sewing skills and has a quilt in her next HomeSchool home ec class! 
While we were working inside, the guys were trimming the bushes, 
making things just so for the Fall/Winter months.
The job went faster with fewer bushes this Fall.
(the big job of changing the landscaping took place in May this year!0
This is the finished job in the back yard!
You would never know there was a jungle here a few days ago!
Bill seeded it with rye and with a week of watering, it will be green and lush and ready for mowing in a few weeks!
Just in time for their November yard Church gathering! 
We said our goodbyes , see you soon!
And Bill and I hit the road at 3pm to head back home.
We planned to spend the night again at the halfway point but once we hit there, we decided to just keep going!  It was a fun, crazy trip but we made it! 
See what I finished on the way home?!  Presenting the Dovecote Capelet in DK weight yarn on #5 needles, 2 skeins.  It fits wonderfully and I know this because I wore it for part of the trip home! 
 I will be mailing it back to Marsel tomorrow-I was mad I didn't finish it in time to leave it with her but time just got away from me!
I will be blocking it before I send it out but I was too anxious to get the picture here and share it!
The ribbed sections really make for a nice fit that stays put-a great design.
I will be making one for me in olive green!


  1. Feels like a million years ago already since you were here. Thanks again for the visit and all of the love! <3 (and the capelet is gorgeous!!)

  2. Your Dovecote is very pretty. Does it still let you have your arms free without riding up? I might have to make one of those.

  3. Beautiful spinning! What gorgeous colors.


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