Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Marsel is doing some spinning while I am here to help.
She didn't need me really-what she needs is for me to help her keep caught up at home so she has a 1/2 hour to sit and relax at the spinning wheel!
I can be a tyrant about her getting some down time while I am here to help!
I love to see how she is so natural at the wheel! 
This morning we visited the American Girl Doll store so Abigail could purchase a new doll.
She has been saving birthday money and chore money along with her babysitting money so she could make the purchase with her own money!
She couldn't decide between 5 dolls....then narrowed it to 3 and then 2 and finally she picked- 
A Truly You doll that looks very Irish or Scottish to me but she chose an English name for her,
Elizabeth  Anne , and is calling her Ellie!
They were inseparable the rest of the day!
I foresee some doll sewing in my near future!
I would love to figure out how to make a tradition Irish outfit for her!
While we were shopping, the Bill and David were burning up the links!
It was a perfect day to be outside!
(Bruce stayed home and worked-he is both a lawyer and a pastor-he has plenty to keep him busy!)
Yesterday, Bill and David worked hard to clear that brush and fencing from the old garden.
They got to the last tree and were stopped from finishing because of an angry nest of ground hornets! 
They had to retreat for a spell and while they waited for dusk, they worked on spraying a nest of carpenter bees from the eave and sealing up their hiding place!
It was very high up...I'm taking the picture from the back deck! 
Come evening, Bill gave them a drink of gasoline and followed it with a bit of flambeau!
This morning when they checked out the nest before golf, all was quiet!
Sometimes the most basic approach is all it takes!


  1. American Girl....that brings back memories. Daughter had quite a few of them in her day. I still have the books but I have no idea what ever happened to all the dolls. Hmmm.....

  2. Aww dolls and girls..still classic.
    We are clearing buckthorn. :)

  3. Sounds like your boys had a productive day!

    Abigail looks very happy with her new doll.

  4. maybe Abigail has to start sewing for her doll?:) luckily she has a gran to teach her.... and I don't know if your ground hornets are the same as our "hornets" - but if they were, you'd get into big trouble for destroying a nest in germany - they are a protected species over there and destroying a nest is a criminal offence! I'd be more worried that they'd attack me when coming too close - after several run-ins with simple wasp nests I have become a bit more cautious:( the irish dance costume sounds complicated to make - lots of ribbon applique comes to mind!


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