Friday, September 16, 2016

Rock Springs Adventure

I'm showing the end of the day at the beginning of this post!
Grandpa took Will and Ella for a pool/hot tub dip just before bedtime while I watched and cheered! 
We spent the day at Kelly Park, where Rock Spring is the highlight of the day! 
When we got suited up, we got the gang together for a photo....they were thrilled with the delay! 
I couldn't get a photo of us in the tubes floating down the spring because I didn't have the camera with me at the time!  I ran ahead and got it for this photo as they tossed the tire tubes on shore and played in the lagoon area! 
After lunch and before the next tube float, they played on this big rock;  remember that rocks are in short supply in FL so this was good fun! 
While they played, this little guy was sitting on his rock watching the was so cute! 
After a good number of floating down and running back to the beginning and doing it again and a long hike, we packed up and stopped at the playground for a good wind down. 
It worked.  We had a quiet drive to the hotel where we had dinner and then...
go back to the top photo!
It was a good adventure according to the kids!


  1. That was one of our favorite places to go when Stephen was a kid. There is a run coming into the spring where you can find sharks' teeth in the sand. You just have to step carefully. There are a few areas of quicksand back there.

  2. Nothing better than worn out kids!

  3. The kids are really super cute. I can't wait for grands someday! Nothing like water to wear them out

  4. Looks like a lovely place to spend the day.
    I bet that raccoon was wondering which kid he could mooch a snack off of! He's cute!


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