Thursday, September 22, 2016

On the Road!

Bill cut down the tree that held my bird feeder in the front yard so he built me this one-I was a bit leery of letting him loose on the design but he did a great job!  I am thrilled!
I am so enjoying my watercolor has opened a part of my brain that has wanted to be stirred and I am finally listening!  I bought this easel that is portable and
 folds up so I can carry all my supplies like a little suitcase!
Thank you Hobby Lobby and your weekly coupon!
We are having a student showing at our local gallery so I have to finish two pictures to frame and display!
  No pressure! lol
It was a last minute decision to head up to Georgia and see Bruce and Marsel and the grands!
We loaded up and caught up around the house all day and finally left at 3:45!
I'm working on this while in the car-
I cast on last night but had to rip out the inch of k1p1 ribbing because the join was twisted!  For some reason I had cast on with a short 16" cable instead of my normal 32' so my stitches were all jammed on;  all 280 of them!  Lesson learned-use the right cable and don't cast on so late at night!

We drove only halfway of our 8 hour trek
so to our post-virus bodies, this was the minimum we could do!
I'm writing this from Perry, Georgia;  home of their State Fair which gratefully, is not this weekend or we wouldn't get a room!


  1. Bill did a great job on the bird feeder stand. Love that happy green color.

    Enjoy your visit with the kids and grands! Hope you continue to feel better.

  2. I'm waiting at the front door...are you here yet?! ๐Ÿ˜€

    The birdfeeder is so nice! Dad is an artist in his own realm.

    Your easel is awesome! What a fun new hobby!

  3. I am just catching up here.... I admire people who take up painting - I couldn't paint to save my life:) your easel looks great, very handy with the storage area! and I like the cowl cum cape - and the shawl you started in grey/white! I hope you'll be over the virus now, but maybe visiting family helps? enjoy the trip - and safe travels!

  4. The new poncho look is one I love!!!


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