Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I was able to be upright for a little while today.  I had the brilliant idea to clean out my machine after fixing that upside down row on my medallion quilt.
It turned into more than a little cleaning out of the bobbin area.
I got thinking that it hasn't been clean professionally since we moved here (almost 10 years now!)
But I felt I could do what they would do-take the housing off and clean out the lint!
I did it! 

I couldn't believe the lint and graphite dust that had collected in there!
Now you must understand-I am a stickler for cleaning around the bobbin area and removing it and using the brush to reach all areas possible around that area.
And no blowing!
So I was really surprised when I removed this amount of lint 3x.
And then I vacuumed it all out!
And put it back together and took it apart because it made a funny noise!
And took it all apart again and found the computerized section disconnected and fixed it and put it back together again.
And cleaned the housing from all the grimy fingerprints.
And cleaned the table where all the carbon bits left smears.
It is a good job done and I saved myself $100. 
And now my Designer SE hums right along with me!
Reward time....back to bed to do some new knitting-
a shawl!


  1. Doesn't it feel GREAT when you finish a chore that you would have had to pay $$$ for? I LOVE that feeling.

    Your new yarn is VERY pretty. Can't wait to see what pattern you choose.

  2. Wow. That is scary. I took my cheapo Singer apart last year and cleaned it and I was scared to death that I had killed it. I didn't and it still works but it was very traumatic.

  3. That sounds like my husband and the inside of the computer - I swear it's cleaner in there than anywhere else in the house!


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