Wednesday, September 14, 2016

No Words...

I know that one of the symtoms of MS is the limited socialization due to the immense amount of brain power it requires.  A morning at church, or a day with friends talking and laughing, a morning at art class are all a big drain because it is so much for action for my brain;  all that firing up just uses me up physically. 

 I don't know why this is and either do the doctors but all MS patients deal with the same impairment.  How do I work around this?
I plan off days between the busy days and that usually keeps me going.  Unless life spins into full gear and I can't do anything but hang on for dear life. 

 I say all this to explain my lack of posting.
I am lackluster at best right now.  I putter a little, do my housework because that makes me happy, too,  and then I rest.  Boy Wonder is here and he talks a lot;  I love hearing how he looks at life and how he has it all worked out at 3 3/4 yrs old!  He is busy all the time in a good way.  I am able to keep the house clean-he is not a lot more work-I just  have a constant output.  

I am out of words.
 Each one is like an extraction. 
 I will share a bit of the miniscule creativity I have to show.  

I know you are more understanding of my absences than I am on myself.  That's a fact about most of us.  We are so giving and forgiving of others but we are too hard on ourselves!

Enough of the are some pictures!
I had a visit from this doll named Shaanti-she is lives with
but has been on a world tour with people on the Ravelry group FiberPusherPodcast.
I added a sun hat and beach mat to her collection and sent her on her way! 
Sissy had a bit too much fun and I had to intervene! 
I have my watercolor homework set up so when I walk by I can add a little bit each day.
We had to draw and then paint a Middle Eastern tea set in class. 
I sit in the studio and spin for a few minutes while Will plays with his train set. 
When he napped yesterday, I made this little cross-shoulder purse for Ella. 
 I tried out a new technique for putting it together and I think I have it!  It will make working on the full sized ones much easier and faster!
Do you see what I bought?  Labels to add to all the projects I make!  
I have this laid out by the sewing machine so I can sew on a few corners to add for the next row on the medallion quilt. 
Speaking of that quilt, it is on my design wall.  I walk by it many times a day.
This morning I notice this: 
The top row, which is sewn in place by the way.... 
                                                                     Is dead wrong.
  The vines should visually go AROUND the corner. 
 Another project to rip out and re-do.
Another day....
The close of each stretched out in knitbed with Nyki on my lap.
Is it bedtime yet?


  1. So many beautiful things you are creating. Yes we must go easy on ourselves. Say to ourselves what we say to our dear friends. BE GOOD TO YOU!

  2. You are an AMAZING woman and your determination has given me strength when I am having down days. We may not have the same issues, but the bottom line comes out pretty much the same.

    Thank you SO much for being there --- you do SO MUCH with such a kind spirit. Be kind to yourself too. You DESERVE it!

  3. My best friend has MS so I know all too well the challenges involved. How frustrating it must be for someone who has so much talent (you) to accept those limitations. Having said that....oh. my. goodness. That quilt is a masterpiece! I would never take it off the wall.

  4. I agree - you are too hard on yourself! as you told me a while ago, the blog should be fun to the writer, not an obligation! spending time with your family, your hobbies - and looking after yourself are so much more important than entries in a blog! no point in pushing yourself to exhaustion for that!
    and btw - the quilt is still gorgeous, despite the wrongside boughs:) and I love the fabric of the little bag, very tropical!


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