Saturday, September 10, 2016

Work 'n Play

I am adding stitches here and there and they add up!
These are my first pair of The Hermione Everyday Socks and they will not be the last.
I love how they add texture to the self-striping yarns. 
Bill does yard work for a neighbor;  she wants this large clump of bamboo removed.
Not an easy task!
The tractor could not dig it up so he cut it all down and Will and I helped haul it away. 
He cut and we hauled. 
It was steamy work and we built up a sweat! 
Bill tied a rope to our piles of bamboo and hauled them to our house. 
It was good to see the whole clump removed and a job well done.
(She had to hire someone with a big scoop bucket to remove the rhizomes and fill in the big crater or these things would be back to full size in  year!) 
On the golf cart ride home, we saw this gathering of vultures.
(called a committee or a wake!)
We look tired but we aren't ready for you yet!
We revived our weary bodies with a swim and then took our 
Boy Wonder back home!


  1. Beautiful vulture photo. Even more beautiful little boy wonder photo!

  2. Bamboo is such a pain. We had in a yard once and we never won that war. We moved.
    Love those socks. Hermione's are fun!

  3. What a cool vulture picture! I would kiss Will's sweet face even with all of that sweat and dirt! <3

  4. That bamboo looks like a lot of work!
    Mom and I went to Virginia a few years back and the hotel complex had a bamboo grove it was beautiful.... and so tall! The first time I'd ever seen bamboo in person (other than dried or in a vase). I didn't even know it grew in North America.


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