Monday, September 26, 2016

A Hike!

I am slogging through the 280 stitches a round....but I am almost to my first decrease round and I can't wait!  It has a beautiful feel and drape! 
My  new medicine regime is making a wonderful change in my pain level!
I have such high hopes!
I even went on a hike with David, Bill,  Abigail and Marsel!
There is a greenway at the end of their housing development that David discovered;
he shared it with his family and now it is their regularly scheduled picnic spot! 
He couldn't wait to share it with us!
The gentle creek gains some rocks and boulders then gets fast and melodious! 
Wouldn't you like to explore with us?!
It was a feast to my eyes!  So much color and texture! 
I wish I could share the bubbling brook sounds with you, too! 
The rocks are beautiful and a nice place to rest in between 'sticks down the crick' races!  
We saw signs of wildlife that enjoy this brook also-see the deer print? 
And a raccoon that slid in the mud here!  
Most of the trees around us were deciduous but this was the tallest tree-
a mountain pine!  It towered above all the others! 
It is steep up both sides of the watered valley.  
It reminded us of the Adirondacks where we often hiked as a family! 
A Selfie of the happy hikers! 
Out the gate and back to civilization....


  1. I would love to sit on the rock beside that tiny waterfall and just knit the stress away.

    I'm SO glad your new meds are making you feel better!

  2. GREAT selfie. LOVE SEEING you. SO happy you are healing

  3. You look fabulous! Great to hear you are on the mend.
    The Mister has been trying to make a waterfall in our creek for years with no luck. He would love to have that one.

  4. Thanks for adventuring with us! :)

  5. Looks like so much fun!!! And wonderful to hear that you're having less pain!!! ♥


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