Sunday, September 25, 2016


I worked on my Close to You shawl.  It is such luxury yarn-Yak down and Silk-wonderful to hold!
Bill's job was to remove the fencing from the garden that is no more.  The corner posts are cemented in! 
He removed the fencing and piled it up so that it can be sold. 
And he removed the cemented posts-look at that Georgia red clay! 
Bruce finished the power washing the driveway.  It looks brand new! 
After church Marsel took a pic of us with the kids.  We rarely remember to take pictures of us with the kids and I wanted to do something about that this visit!
Here's to a good start!
We were still pretty droopy from the virus this weekend but do see some peripheral improvements!


  1. Looks like y'all have been working hard!

    Love the family photo --- that one is a KEEPER!

  2. So glad you took the time for photos! Beautiful No one looks like they were under the weather

  3. I love sharing our life with you guys! Thanks for being here. <3


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