Friday, September 2, 2016

Spiffing it Up!

This is the new and improved model of the cross shoulder purse!
It is 1/2" wider to accommodate the side seam bulk and I added two pockets!
I am encouraged by how easily it went together the second time around even with all the changes. 
Even the lining was improved so there are no exposed seams!
I added the second little pocket to the front for coin or credit card easy access. 
And an open pocket on the back for quick access, too.
This one is on its way to Marsel! 
We did the annual mulching out front!  I can't believe how much it defines and accentuates the flower areas....why do I let it get so glum between re-mulching?
Never again! 
It also is better for the plants because it holds the morning watering so much longer than the sandy soil does!
It's hard work but we are pleased with the sweat of our brow when we are finished!


  1. That is just the cutest little bag! Your yard is a gorgeous tropical paradise. I could sit on that porch forever.

  2. Very cute little cross body bag! The fabrics you chose are lovely.

    Your front yard is very welcoming. You have lots of beautiful plants.

  3. That cross bag is amazing. YOU can really sew beautifullly!!! I need to mulch one little baby bush

  4. I love that little bag! How perfect it would be for hands free traveling!

    The home & yard look beautiful too!

  5. Can't wait to try the bag! :)

    Mulch just adds even more pizazz to your beautiful yard.


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