Saturday, October 29, 2016

Studio Saturday

First thing to catch my attention was the  cross body bag I designed-it went without a hitch for the most part.  I lost my head a few times but no major detours!
This is the last of the flamingo fat quarter;  I sure got my miles out of it! 
The back also gets a pocket now and I added my little label!
Very cool, if I do say so myself!
Next, I finished my latest homework for my art class.
This is a peek at Crescent Lake which we had to draw and paint.
I labored long and hard with the sky and water and loved what I could do. 
But I have learned a fatal lesson for this picture-when you mat it, you lose 2" around and I didn't factor that see how I lose my sky-my little bit of blue is cut out when I put the practice mat against the picture?!
I'm not sure what to do.
So I will wait and turn it in next Saturday and figure it out with the teacher. 
On to other more successful endeavors-I put the binding on the butterfly quilt and through it into the washer. 
I am enjoying the freedom I am experiencing at the frame.
It makes it so much more pleasurable! 
I went right to work on the rainbow quilt and have the binding all cut and on in no time. 
This sure gives your brain a color boost!
Washed, dried and in the donation pile they go!


  1. You've had a very productive week. I love your cross-body bag and your painting is spot on. It's a shame about the mat, but the good news is ------ more paint, another canvas and you start all over again.

  2. Cute bag! Love your picture.
    You know how I feel about the rainbows.... but those butterflies! Oh my! Soooooooooo pretty!

  3. I HATED matting things when was in art school. I would cheat and glue my work on top of the board instead of cutting it out. Knives scare me.
    Your bag is adorable. Those flamingos really are perfect!

  4. SO good that you are learning art/painting skills. I am so impressed! It is good to keep learning. Love the quilts


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