Wednesday, February 15, 2017


 David and Bill did a bit of cloudy day fishing.  Bill caught two and David is still waiting for his big catch!
(they were fishing on knitting friend, Linda's, dock)
 I finished another water painting;  this one of the American Robin.
My teacher asked that I take part in a showing for the Audubon Society and, of course, I had to try since I love to do birds!
 David and Will did a bit of treasure hunting and found something quite amazing;
an axe head!
It is quite large and heavy!
We had fun wondering how old it could be--
Native American?
It was fun to laugh and wonder and after all-he wondering is part of the thrill of the hunt!


  1. That's a HUGE find! I'll bet the boys were excited!

  2. Love your robin! And I really like the picture of your guys fishing...something about cloudy days by water that I really like. Neat find!!

  3. Your artwork is beautiful!

    love the axe head - wouldn't it be fantastic if it turned out to be REALLY, REALLY old!?!

  4. Cool find!!! I say caveman for sure!!! Your robin will bring us spring for sure


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