Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain and Flowers

Our 50' Magnolia tree (grandiflora) is doing its thing......... We are having a ton of rain-5 inches over the last week and more is due all week, too. It is wonderful for this area. The rain lilies are in full bloom-the yard is so pretty.
The rain keeps Bling in except for quick excursions to bring in 'live' presents for Nyki and then they play cat and lizard......


  1. How fun for the cats, not so much for Mother...!

    The magnolia/lilies are lovely!

  2. Sounds like you have had quite a few crazy days. Hope everyone is feeling improved. What lovely flowers, they obviously love the rain.

  3. Our cat also brings 'gifts' home oocasionally; most often it;s lizards but last week it was an adolescent pigeon! Yuk!

  4. It's things like that that I'm glad my cats are indoor city cats. Lizards are ok, it's the rats and other things they'd find out there.

  5. I love lizards (wish we got them wild here) and wouldn't mind my cats bringing them in. I get worms.... yes juicy muddy earth worms.....


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