Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday Bill!

Bill enjoys a birthday today.

To celebrate we will babysit some newborn twin goats for our neighbors who have medical appointments today, hang out for a delivery of all the stucco supplies-yes, the stucco work will begin this week! And we will take a siesta this afternoon as temps reach 100 again today! Dinner will be a home cooked meal......Bill has his heart set on an all you can eat seafood buffet in Orlando that he heard about but is saving the date until I am feeling better-thank you.
Bill did buy a used garden cultivator as his old one finally died. He put it right to use in the garden and was pleased with his purchase!
Our retractable screen door finally came in-it has been on special order since April!

The list has peaked for to-do's to get ready for the stucco work and Caleb called and asked to go out on the boat this week on his day off because he bought some used water skis at a garage sale and wants to try them out! Never boring!
I ripped out an old sweater that I had begun 7 years ago-all the parts were there but it turned out too small and I never sewed it together. Since I could put the yarn (#5 pearl cotton) to good use in the weaving realm, I ripped it all out and have reassigned it-I can just see it as warp in my first Jeans rug!


  1. A promising start to the week on all fronts -- now you just need to feel better...!

  2. Those goats are cute and I dont' even LIKE goats! How fun that you are 'kid' sitting them. :D Ewww on the heat but YAY on the siestas. I can't believe your hubby is out in the garden in that heat. You are always so busy!

  3. Happy birthday Bill. How sweet of him to hold out on his dinner until you are better! [BTW, I want some too - I love seafood!!]

    It was my WM's birthday last Friday. We had dinner out twice - once on Wednesday night with DD and SIL and once after going to the movies on Friday. We saw "The Proposal" which has just opened here.


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