Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clear Sight-Can't Breathe.......

The second eye surgery also went well. I have a re-check next week but I don't anticipate any problems. Eye drops 4x a day are routine now. Thank you for encouraging me, for praying and letting me know!

All the side affects that weren't side affects from the eye meds turned into the nasty bronchitus that is sweeping the south. It had permeated Bruce and Marsel's church while I was there and many are down with it here in Florida, too, so as they say, my misery has lots of company. I went to the doctor's for some help-he has me on meds to help cough the gunk up and to help me sleep through the night because the coughing leaves me exhausted. At least the fever has finally left me. I have been too tired to even hold a book to read. And I have no voice above a whisper-some men would make a rude comment here but I will not give it any opportunity.......

I have a few hours in the middle of the day when I function a little. I did some cleaning but it didn't take long before I was back on the couch.

At least I did some knitting. This is the handspun Alpaca that has been waiting its turn under the is becoming a shawl- a rectangular one this time. It is a dresser scarf pattern but I just added a repeat to the width and it will work out just fine. It does have an edging that is knit and sewn on last-looks good to me. (It isn't dyed-just natural shading that occurs in the fleece.)


  1. It's very pretty!

    I'd love to come down and take care of you now, while you're down for the count...but of course my invalids need me now, too...nothing like starting the summer with a bang!!!

    Keep resting...housework will wait.

  2. The scarf is pretty - I like the variegations of colour in the yarn.

    My favourite housework saying: "dust won't rust!"

    Hope you feel better soon.
    God bless.

  3. Get better soon!!
    Love the napkins.

  4. Sorry you've been so ill, it's never fun when summer is just starting. (It should be law that folks can only get sick in winter).

    I know what you mean about the whisper voice, B said I'd be a perfect wife if I was mute.

    So that shawl is for me right? lol I love the design, can you link to the pattern?

  5. I'm glad the second eye went well too! But sorry that you're sick.

    Hopefully you'll be back on your feet (and back to your loom, ahem! - as if I'm one to talk about that) soon!



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