Saturday, June 20, 2009

Small Steps

I wove a bit on my SoySilk (soysilk is a by-product of Soy and has the look and feel of silk) for the shawl...........I even made a mistake, recognized and fixed it! Always a good sign when learning a new skill. I have found that this pattern has to be watched for there are sections that require an extra wrap around the selvage warp that would get missed if I just wove it without watching......I have read about floating warps but do not know yet how to encorporate them into my work. As it is now, I just watch and make the appropriate adjustments to my weaving song. It is good.
Nyki has moved her boredom (or irritation because I keep chasing her off my weaving) to a new activity-chewing up paper-patterns, bills and toilet paper all qualify for her attentions. Glad it is just the paper and not the wire that has her attention!
Since my 'get up and go' and gone for the most part, I have been conserving my energies to essential cleaning and luandry and then knitting a bit between naps. When I read about a KAL on my for a lace face cloth, I mustered up enough energy to find a couple of skeins to give it a try. (It serves the dual purpose of using it up and getting it out of the stash criteria, too!)
I made the first on out of a thin white cotton boucle on # 6 needles and finished it in one evening.
The second one is out of a heavier cotton boucle and I made this on #8 needles. Nice to have a project I can wrap my mucous-filled brain around----sorry if that is too TMI for you!
Wrapped around a bar of glycerin soap it would make a very nice gift, don't you think?! (I think it also qualifies for the textured knitting, don't you agree Lynne?)


  1. Nyki, Nyki...Molly says that she loves your insolent expression and naughty behavior and she is sharing in your glee!!!

    Mom -- the cloths are pretty and fun -- nice to try something out of the ordinary!

  2. Your weaving looks great!! Floating selvedges will help with twills that don't catch on the edges - but they do feel tricky at first.

    Those are beautiful knitted washcloths too! You've been productive!

    Weave on!

  3. Lace is certainly textured and I said any kind of texture so the short answer is "yes"!! LOL


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