Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pacing Myself

I have found that I can do a bit more each day....a little more voice, a little less coughing. In the upright position, I used my warping board to prepare for my next weaving project-this is a variegated cotton I am going to use for the warp. The weft I will use is the SoySilk I spun a few years ago. I even have the weaving draft picked out and redrawn so that I got familiar with it, too. Since the SoySilk is a creamy latte color, the bits of blue/green warp will give it just the right seashore colors I envision. (No, I don't have strange stucco wall in the house, yet. This is the foam insulation in the south addition where I have claimed my weaving space right now!)
I cut the 'getting to know my loom' weaving off the loom and knotted the warps for fringe, washed and ironed it (even tho it doesn't look like it here!) I will be delivering it to Matthew on our next visit. (I made to go in his livingroom on his glass topped coffee table......) When I was back on the couch, I did a bit of this.........the shawl pattern is getting to be familiar now and that helps the speed. (So did changing to metal needles instead of the wooden ones-which are nice for starting out because it is easier to stretch out the stitches until I can see the pattern!)


  1. You sure are productive for a gal that is not at full speed! If I had bronchitis and my eyes were healing I would be laying on the couch most likely. :o

  2. Even handicapped you leave me in the dust! :)

    Your first loom-project turned out lovely!

  3. Still as productive as ever!

  4. Nice color choices for your next weaving project! Looking forward to following its progress!

    It is amazing how wrinkles just pop out of photographs, isn't it? I think I've ironed, the fabric looks smooth to me....one photograph and every wrinkle shows up. Weird!

    You're doing a great job sneaking in bits of productivity while you're not feeling 100%. Hope you feel better soon!



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